Vince Mastrovito and Max Friar – Is Your Business “Ready for Sale”? (G1018)

July 2018

“Is Your Business Ready for Sale?”

In this podcast, Vince and Max Friar of Calder Capital talk about how small to medium-sized manufacturing, service, and distribution businesses make up the fabric of America. The owners of these companies employ the majority of America’s workforce, and they pay most of the taxes. They know how they began their companies and how they built them up, but they don’t know how they will exit them. And they don’t realize how long it will take from their decision to sell until the moment they will truly be able to walk away from their company and move on to the next phase in their lives.

Listen to learn what that time frame is, what makes a business salable, and why companies should emulate the franchise model if they are preparing to sell.

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