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Value Acceleration + Transition Planning

Our Focus 

At Prometis Partners, our primary focus is you, the business-owner. We are able to develop plans that show you potential paths for a successful business exiting process. Whether that be selling to a third-party buyer, transitioning the business to a family member, or a management buyout we are there to make the process easy and profitable for you on you're exit out of the business and into a new venture.


Exit Planning

An exit plan consists of identifying business owner objectives, quantify business and personal, resources, maximizing and protecting business value, sale or transfer of ownership to a third party or a ownership transfer to company insiders.


Value Acceleration

Value Acceleration consists of determining a base value for your business. And then further understanding how to protect, grow, and harvest it to success. All the while continually monitoring it and making the necessary changes as the world around us shifts. Knowing how attractive and exit ready your business is will bring clarity and security for you and your family.


We have been using Prometis Partners for over two years and will continue to use them through the next developing stages of our Corporation. Vince has guided us through the exiting of our former President of a family owned business. Now guiding us into our continuation. Vince has helped us find the best strategic solutions to grow our firm in the manufacturing market. We look forward to working with him during the most crucial stages of the ever changing family business dynamics

- Janet Stoll, President

Our Family owned business Transition from one generation to the next has been very seamless thanks to Vincent Mastrovito and his team. Vincent’s name was given to me on a referral from a good friend and once I called Vincent and talk through our family business and the transition we were needing to go through we felt Vincent and his team were a great fit for us.

 Vincent met with all 3 families and helped to coordinate the paperwork and transition of the business.  Vincent has not just become a large part of the business transition but his coaching on how to improve the value of our company has been very valuable. We sell lights for a living and I learned a long time ago to surround yourself with a good team that has expertise in areas we don’t and the chances of success with go up dramatically.  We feel with Vincent and his team as part of our team we are a much stronger organization.

 Vincent and his team have helped us with retirement planning, retirement fund investing, short term investment ideas and now they are assisting us preparing for the next generation to take over the business down the road. Vincent is meeting with our kids and helping to train them on business skills and preparation for running the business which will help protect our retirement when they take over the business. We consider ourselves blessed to not only call Vincent our friend but to have him and his team as part of our business family.

 - Scott Agers, Business Owner

As I was approaching 50 years of age, I started to think about the next ten years and how I could transition out of my business and transition it to the next generation, and I was referred to Vincent from a good friend and fellow business man. Vincent came and helped me asses over a period of four months, where my business was at financially and also its present structure, and then helped me lay out a plan of transition that can be implemented over the next few years. I appreciated his honesty and knowledge as he helped me understand better where my business was at and what to do over the next ten years. I would highly recommend him to others who are looking for advice on transition planning.

- Nicholas Kleyn, Business Owner

We have worked with Vincent for several years now and have enjoyed his process and communication that he brings to the table. His attention to detail and ability to think outside the box has brought great strategies and solutions for our clients. Furthermore, he is a good listener and is always responsive and enthusiastic about helping his clients in any situation.

- Max Friar, Business Broker/Business Owner

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