Business Succession Planning Podcasts by Vincent Mastrovito

Vincent has given expert interviews to Exit Coach Radio and hosts regular podcasts of his own on topics related to the need for planning before selling or transferring your business. Click on the podcast to listen.

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July 2020 Topic: Bringing Your Kids Into the Business

Today we discuss the following questions in regards to bringing your kids into the business: Why should you consider this? What challenges are there? What makes a successful relationship?
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June 2020 Topic: Evaluating Business Expenses

Vincent discusses the importance of evaluating your business expenses, especially during COVID. He outlines some areas that may seem small but can add up to big savings on your bottom line. Vince also discusses why it is crucial to separate business expenses from personal expenses. He also suggests getting your debt taken care of well…
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May 2020 Topic: Maintaining Growth in Tough Economic Times

If you’ve listened to the show for any length of time, you’ll recognize Vincent as a steady source of great business advice. Today we discuss the answers to the following questions: What do most business owners do when the economy drops? What has history provided us to help owners? What are some of the key…
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April Topic: Family Alignment

Vincent discusses why family alignment is important during business transition.
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March 2020 Topic: Family Business Culture

Vincent Mastrovito of Prometis Partners shares great tips about how you can create and maintain a successful family business culture.
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Feb 2020 Topic: Why Do Business Owners Stay Too Long?

Vince discusses a variety of reasons someone may stay at the helm of their business longer than they should. He discusses some of the things that may sneak up on the business owner if they aren’t diligent enough and decrease the business value when they do decide to exit. The retirement you dream of depends…
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Jan 2020 Topic: Is Your Business Overly Dependent on You?

In this podcast Vincent talks about how owner dependency affects a business’s valuation and salability in a very negative way. Almost 89% of businesses are still reliant on the business owner to operate, according to the U.S. Census. This means that the vast majority of owners who would want to sell their businesses have real…
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Vincent Mastrovito – Family Conflict Mediation

In this podcast Vincent talks about how expectations factor into creating or managing conflict in family owned businesses. Many first generation business owners built their companies by leveraging everything they had and working very long hours for years before they made a profit. What the company means to an owner who has done this will…
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Vincent Mastrovito – Exit Readiness: What It Is and Why It’s Critical

In this podcast Vincent talks about how devastating it can be to a sale if the company does not have management and key staff committed to remaining with the company through and after a transition. This is a core component of exit readiness. Buyers are looking for businesses that will be profitable from the day…
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Vince Mastrovito – Business Attractiveness and Competitiveness

July 2019 In this podcast Vincent talks about how owners can make their companies more attractive and salable, highlighting the three factors he considers to be most important. Currently the #1 reason owners exit their businesses is retirement, and the average owner has 60-90% of his net worth wrapped up in his business. For those…
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Vince Mastrovito – Family Compensation and Market Value

June 2019 Why should you tie family compensation to market value? In this podcast Vincent talks about family compensation and why it’s important not to let “family values” overly influence how family members are compensated. He discusses using benchmarking tools such to determine what people are worth according to market value and should therefore…
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Vince Mastrovito – Family Business Culture and Why it Matters

February 2019 How well do you know and understand your family’s business culture? In this podcast Vincent talks about how important it is to work with families to understand the business culture at work in their companies. Many owners may be better off financially transitioning their companies to children or other family members than they…
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Vincent Mastrovito – Why You Can’t Take the Personal out of Business

Vince Mastrovito once again shares valuable insights for closely held business owners.
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Vincent Mastrovito – Preparing Successors for Leadership

Vince Mastrovito shares another 20 minutes of wisdom, this time about how to prepare successors for future ownership and leadership.
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Vince Mastrovito – Family Roles and Responsibilities

October 2018 “Are the roles and responsibilities clear in your family business?” In this podcast Vincent talks about what happens when a family has different types of roles – and active and non-active shareholders – involved in the family business. He also discusses how important it is that the current generation of owners mentor the…
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Vince Mastrovito and Max Friar – Is Your Business “Ready for Sale”? (G1018)

July 2018 “Is Your Business Ready for Sale?” In this podcast, Vince and Max Friar of Calder Capital talk about how small to medium-sized manufacturing, service, and distribution businesses make up the fabric of America. The owners of these companies employ the majority of America’s workforce, and they pay most of the taxes. They know…
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Vince Mastrovito – Is your Business Overly Dependent on You? (G1618)

June 2018 In this podcast, Vince discusses how the traditional model of building a business around yourself is flawed. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost 89% of businesses are owner dependent in the sense that they are still reliant on the business owner having some function in the business. Most business owners Vincent consults…
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Vince Mastrovito – What is Intellectual Capital?

May 2018 In this podcast on intellectual capital, Vince highlights how important it is for smaller businesses to have a high Net Promoter Score (NPS). A company’s NPS is calculated based on their customers’ responses to one question: “How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?” This score…
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Vincent Mastrovito named EPI 2019 Member Award Recipient.

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